Welcome to our web site. We hope you enjoy browsing through the hundreds of photos that  my  husband Lou and I have provided. The majority of photos have been taken on our property at Coast Road Palms and others whilst on our travels.

We would like to give you an insight into our  background and how we have come about creating our little bit of tropical paradise.

When customers first visit our nursery the most frequently asked question would have to be

“Did you plant all these palms and what made you do this? “

Our palm collecting began some thirty years ago, when we became members of the Palm & Cycad Society of QLD. In those days quarantine wasn’t as strict as it is today  and you could order seed via mail. So after planting the usual Palms such as  Cocos ,Roebelinii, Bangalow , Cotton & Date palms we wanted a bit of variety. We planted hundreds of unusual palms, some were successful and others not. Some of the varieties we have  planted are   Archontophoenix,Arecastrum, Bismarkia ,Butia , ,Carpentaria Caryota,Chambeyronia, Chamrops, Chrysalidocarpus. Carpentaria,Copernica, Dypsis,Howea, Hyphorbe, 

Jubea,Laccospadix , latania, Livenstonia,Licuala Norambya normanbyi,  Raphia,Rhopalostylis ,Sabal,Thrinax,Trachycarpus ,Wodyetia and many of the Cycad families Bowenia,Cycas,Lepidozamia,Encephalatos,Dioon,Macrozamia & Zamia.

In 1987 we decided to create a nursery and called it Coast Road Palms, at the time our address was Coast Road so we went with this. A few years ago the street name was changed to Bennett Springs Drive. We were proud of how we began, many of our old customers would remember the  dusty gravel road  before we had development around us. We decided to keep our business name and not change with the new street name.

Planting began in 1987, even before we built our home. A cyclone fence went up, a bore was sunk, reticulation put down and the planting started. We had a lot of help from friends who volunteered (they probably thought we were crazy at the time), but they never doubted because anyone who knew my husband  Lou, knew that he was a determined person who once he set his mind to things, there was no going back. I suppose it was his courage and determination that pulled us through.  

In 1988/89  we were hit by a severe frost that at the time almost wiped out all our stock. Many nurseries were in the same boat. We kept going, not looking back. At the time Lou was also working full time at another work place, so he had two full time jobs going. One nightshift and one dayshift. Finally in 1995 he made a break and  decided to work full time in our nursery ,by then we had developed a good clientele. Some of our original customers have remained  friends and often visit and have a chat  about old times and how it all began. 

Over the following years we have continued planting and collecting and are still collecting today. We are always interested in something new and rare and know that although it may not grow here in Perth we are  always willing to give it a go, after all it is a challenge.

We have been blessed with four wonderful sons, Daniel, Stephen, Ryan and Jason. All have done there bit in helping us establish the nursery. Daniel and Stephen are Horticulturists and work full time in the Nursery. Ryan works part time and has a Diploma in Conservation & Land Management and Jason has just completed his TEE .The boys bring some wonderful fresh ideas to the nursery and it is a pleasure to have them working with us as a family.

We would also like to acknowledge a past staff member who worked closely with us. Steve worked with us for nine years and we still remain close friends. We spend a lot of time talking to him about all the long hard hours we all put in and how well the plants have grown over the last 20 years. We would like to take this opportunity to give him a special thank you for his loyalty and hard work over the years

There are thousands of specimens of Palms Cycads and Bamboos planted in the ground on our 10 acre nursery . If you click on these headings on the front cover page, it will direct you to the plant  list  that is available for sale and also some photo’s of the plants.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email us. Contact details can be found on the contact page.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our History page and we look forward  to hearing from you.

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