Listed are some of the Bamboo’s that we grow on our 10acre property at Coast Road Palms in Perth Western Australia (WA).

We are pleased to inform you that all pictures have been taken on site.
Whilst all care is taken for the information supplied to be accurate, it is to be used as a guide only.

Most of the Bamboo varieties that we sell , are clumping . This means that it can grow in the ground or containers without any problems. The rhizomes multiply close to one another and are non-invasive.

Some of the varieties are running. This means that they have rhizomes below ground that will travel away from the bamboo, so these bamboos need to be grown in containers or in a fully enclosed area where they can’t escape and cause a problem. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Below is a list of Varieties Grown In Perth
Bambusa Balcooa - Giant Green Bamboo Dendrocalamus Asper - Black Bamboo
Bambusa Dolichomerithalla - Gold doli Dendrocalamus Latiflorus - Giant Thai Green
Bambusa Heterostachya - Malay Dwarf Drepanostachyum Falcatum - Himalayan Weeping
Bambusa Lako - Timor Black Otatea Acumunata - Mexican Weeping Bamboo
Bambusa Multiplex - var. Alphonse Karr Phyllostachys Castillonis - Checker Board
Bambusa Multiplex - var. Golden Godess Phyllostachys Castillonis Inversa
Bambusa Multiplex – var. Japanese Hedge Phyllostachys Nigra - Black Bamboo
Bambusa Oldhamii Phyllostachys - Giant Black Bamboo
Bambusa Textilis - Albostriata Phyllostachys - Fishing Pole
Bambusa Textilis - Glabra Phyllostachys - Gold Bamboo
Bambusa Textilis - Gracilis (Weavers Bamboo) Pleioblastus Viridistriatus - Small and Green Gold Bamboo
Bambusa Vulgaris Vittata - Giant Green and Gold Pogonatherum Paniceum Monica - Baby Panda Bamboo
Bambusa Ventricosa - Buddahs Belly Pogonatherum Paniceum - Malay pigmy bamboo grass
Bambusa Ventricosa Wamin - Giant Buddahs Belly Pseudosasa Japonica - Arrow Bamboo Running
Bambusa Ventricosa Kimmei - Green and Gold Buddahs Belly Thysanolaena Maxima - tiger grass

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