Palms grow extremely well in tropical and subtropical areas and although some tropical varieties are difficult to grow there are a large number of Palms that grow well in Perth. Perth would be classified as a sub-tropical area.

Palms are grown for their appeal, they also provide shade and protection and Palms such as the Date Palm & Coconut Palm are also grown for their fruit, however some of the fruit on other Palms may be toxic so it is best to check .There are many other uses for Palms such as thatching ,making wine or jelly an example of this is the Butia Capitata Jelly Palm , also Palm oil and sugar.

Poolside planting of Palms & Cycads provides great appeal and shade and makes you feel that you are in the tropics. You can sip on a few cool drinks and pretend that you are on a holiday, perhaps in Thailand or Bali.
The Palm pictures provided were taken in our nursery at Coast Road Palms unless otherwise stated. The majority of Palms were planted in 1988 when we first established our nursery. Since then we have lost track of the 1,000’s of Palms Cycads & Bamboo that have been planted in our Tropical Rainforest.

Having all these palms planted in the ground, is an advantage, as you can see how they grow in their natural surround and you can gage the area that would be required to establish these Palms.

We currently have over 80 varieties of Palms listed on this web site. This list is of palms that we presently sell or are able to supply if required.
I hope that you enjoy browsing through the pictures and any enquiries can be directed through our email or you can give us a call.

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Image of various palms